I was born in a small town in the Mid-West that only had one McDonalds and one stoplight. I was raised by a candy machine filler-upper and a grocery store cashier. I should have known that I was gay when, as a child, I became obsessed with Olivia Newton-John. During family barbecues, atop a piece of plywood that lay on four milk crates, I wore cowboy boots and satin western shirts while performing songs from Xanadu for uninterested, probably drunk family members.

Thankfully, I’ve given up the backyard lip-synching shows and gay cowboy gear. I left the Mid-West, and after spending fifteen years in Atlanta, I moved to Manhattan where I live with my best friend and my high maintenance but very affectionate dog, Lola.

My passion is writing for my blog TotallyTyler.com but my gig as a wedding planner is what pays the bills. I’m a romantic, so I like my job. I also like simple, thoughtful gestures of affection, like sweet text messages, ‘just because’ gifts, big hugs and candy bars. I also enjoy roller coasters, delicious cheeseburgers, a good book, tasty martinis and a sense of adventure.

I’m a typical Cancer, which means I am sensitive, shy, funny, sometimes-superficial, complex, creative, sort-of eclectic and nurturing. And I can dance, which isn’t really a Cancer-specific trait, but I thought you should know.

A man that is confident without being arrogant will get my attention. Other turn-ons include: goofiness, ambition, leadership and daring (but smart) fashion choices. Creativity is a big turn on. And so are tattoos, as long as they weren’t acquired in prison.

Honestly and forthrightness are big deals to me. So is my family and friends. In fact, my friends just gave me an autographed photo of Olivia Newton-John as a ‘just because’ gift. It was almost enough to make me want to wear cowboy boots again.

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