Melbourne, Australia
Added: April 29, 2012

Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia where I am doing my masters in nursing. I grew up in the islands of Fiji in the South Pacific with my German father, Fijian mother and 3 sisters! Can’t say my parents were too excited about having 3 daughters and a gay son, but they got over that eventually. I am an island boy through and through, I’ve been living in Melbourne for the past two years and spend the winter months pining for warm weather and the summer months at the beach any chance I get. I love trying new things, cooking, eating, being outdoors and music. I spend my free time out in the sunshine, with my mates and my family or doing volunteer community health work (just point me to the nearest pageant competition, haha).

I grew up with a pretty colourful background because of my mixed heritage and the household was abit crazy with my father being a photographer and my mother a designer. I’m one of those people that likes trying to dip their fingers into every jar. I’ve had about a million jobs, applied for things just to see if I’ll get in and I pretty much think I’ll be a “go getter” for the rest of my life. I’m a pretty easy going guy and am just really interested in meeting people from different walks of life, it’s always nice when you meet someone that enlightens you brings something new for you to think about.
Ideally I like to meet people who are motivated and just doing what they love doing, I find it hard to be around people who whinge and complain about everything so I generally try and avoid those that have a negative energy about them. Otherwise, that’s about it from me. Eager to see where this goes, hope you’re all having a nice day.

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